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Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006: A much needed rest

Note: Donna wrote this entry

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Today we took a much needed rest. After being awoken by the cleaning staff at 10:30 am, we decided to put the “Do not disturb” sign on the door. We then slept until just after noon. At this point the day took a much more exciting turn and we both read for a bit. Around 1:30 pm or so, we decided to head over to the airport for lunch. We found a FIFA gift shop with the souvenirs we had been looking for and spent a bit of money on family and friends.

The next few hours were spent watching Argentina whoop up on Serbia (6-0), catching up on the blog, and finishing the books we were reading. Amazingly, Andrew took a nap!

We headed downstairs to the lobby for internet and dinner at half-time of the Holland vs. Ivory Coast match. Andrew found a flier for all you can eat bbq and sausage, but I persuaded him into one last fancy meal in Europe. I think we would both agree that it was a good decision.

We ordered a nice bottle of German white wine and ordered the antipasta to start. Before our dinners came, Andrew decided to check out the toilets in the lobby. He decided that German wine was pretty strong even after one glass because he found himself singing soccer chants out loud in the bathroom. Apparently it went something like this, “Didee-ay Didee-ay Didee-ay Drogbra…”

We both were very happy with our dinners. Andrew got a chicken with lobster and I got a wonderfully tender piece of tenderloin beef and asparagus. During dinner I asked our waiter how to say “I don’t understand” in German and he not only told me (several times), but also wrote it down. Ich verstehe es nicht; pronounced Ick ver-stay-he es nickt, or something like that. We finished the night with a little more football, watching the Mexico vs. Angola match. The game was in Hannoverb, and we had plenty of both Mexicans and Angolans staying at our hotel. They were all pretty rowdy during the match. Andrew offended a few Mexicans saying, “No se puede,” which means, “No you can’t.” Apparently a favorite Mexican cheer is, “Si se puede,” which means, “Yes you can.”

Tomorrow we leave our home in Hannover and head for Bad Sobernheim. The game is in Kaiserslautern, which is just a short train ride away from our hotel. We play Italy at 9 pm. That is 3 pm EDT, so be sure to watch if you can.

Go USA!!!!!

Andrew 5:47 PM


Great photos. great stories. I feel like I am right there with you, which eases the pain of being stuck in a 10x10 cube every day. Can't wait for the game!
Laughing out loud at the thought of Andrew singing in a bathroom. Was it fruity wine?

At the game tomorrow, start a USA chant. You have practice doing that in the classroom, now apply it in a futbol stadium.
I'd like the chant Da-mar-suck (if he's on the field) and I'm sure Eric Wynalda would enjoy it. Too bad you missed Julie Foudy singing, not reciting, singing, the English fans song for Ronaldo, "he's fat, he's round, he's worth a million pounds." She should stick to football.
Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see what happens with the group. What the heck-- the Czechs lose to Ghana? Come on, USA. Your turn to upset now.
Those refs need to be REMOVED from officiating. TERRIBLE. I can't believe the cards on the US. Neither warranted a red. Stupid refs. At least we got a draw out of it. But I hope there are consequences for the horrible officiating. I'm so angry about the officiating, I almost turned off the game to calm myself. But I watched all 90. Go USA. Hope is alive.
soo, is the giant blank entry above this one in protest / mourning?. i can't say i'm pleased with the result. We had a big crew over to watch and we kept saying..."oh, andrew must be so mad right now" as we cursed the referee over and over. can't wait for the full report and analysis.
thanks for the advice...the wine was a white wine, what germany is famous for according to vinopolis

I don't cheer against the team I'm rooting for, but I agree - DMB has sucked. I want to see
Onyewu, Conrad, Bocanegra
Reyna Olsen
Dempsey Donovan Convey
McBride Johnson

I was excited, frustrated, angry and vociferous. I was sad when I came home to a blown fuse so tivo didn't get my schedule requests. I did hear a clip from Balboa, "I hope this would be this referee's last game." Well said, 'Celo.

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