Andrew and Donna's Road to the World Cup

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On the radio tomorrow at 8:30 PM your time

Hey there, just a couple of quick notes before I head to bed.

First, I'm going to be on the radio in Baltimore tomorrow night at 8:30 PM EDT. My dad emailed the sports director of WBAL suggesting he talk to me about my World Cup experience and he went for it. I'll be talking with Peter Schmuck. You can listen to the talk live at

Yeah, that'll be 2:30 AM for me, but note the time of this post. I'm a slave to the beautiful game.

Donna and I got back from Amsterdam a couple of hours ago. Many fans in Germany for the World Cup had the same idea as us. I saw two guys from the Barra Brava, DC United's fan club and tons of Mexicans, Brasilians, etc. We got back just as the fans from the Germany/Poland match were returning from the stadium. They were in rare form, singing, chanting, blaring horns after their team beat Poland with a goal in injury time.

We're off to Berlin tomorrow before a much needed day of rest Friday before we travel to Kaiserslautern for the big match on Saturday.

Love the comments - I hope those who are keeping up with the blog get a chance to go back and read them. We've got some witty friends.

(btw, your comments have not been showing immediately because Blogger was requiring me to approve them...I changed the setting so now your comments should appear rather quickly)

More later
Andrew 8:07 PM


I was so bummed to see USA lose in such a rout. Unfortunately, I missed most of the game because I was getting my eyes checked (all the carrots are paying off). Let's hope the boys get some fire in their bellies before Sat.

I'll try to catch the interview on the internet tomorrow. I've been working round the clock, and am especially jealous of your adventures.

LOL at the thought of Donna pooping gelato. I really laughed. Out loud. By myself. But maybe that's the sleep deprivation talking.

And Donna- I was worried for you after the loss. I know how Andrew can be. Christ is risen, yay. But US lost to Mexico. (Ring a bell?) Ahem. But glad to hear things were a-okay.
Well I'm back in the states. My bed feels better then I remembered. I still have my Contiki cough which seems to be pretty persistant. Hopefully the trip is still going well. What is the count up to Donna? 50??

Glad you are having fun with the World Cup frenzy. I'll put the $ in your BofA account today for those shirts. Thanks for doing that for me.

You guys missed an interesting trip to Athens. Sares gave a "body bomb" speech to everyone about Chris. It was the funniest day ever.

Can't wait to see you guys in MD. Love you both.

Nice Brian Reagan comment Andrew. Ha ha.
Peter SCHMUCK???? Is that a joke? If you're on the radio, don't you get to pick your stage name? I'm not sure I can support the broadcasts of a person who had the chance to improve a horrible name and missed it. I'll try to overcome my distaste and tune in, however.
Wolffie only played the last 13 minutes, at which time we were already down 3-0. He might start Saturday.

Mr Schmuck is a writer, more than a radio guy. Perhaps his meteoric rise to fame caught him off-guard before he could change his pen name?

I think Donna's gelato eating stalled at 30. She did find a Vanilla Coke in Amsterdam though!

Glad to hear you made it back safely, Bonny. See you next week.

Sara, expect greatness on Saturday.
I didn't check the blog until too late, but I was listening to WBAL and heard Peter say, "I would like to thank Andrew "World Cup" Helms: and I freaked out and ran downstairs to tell Bill, and then checked your blog, and realized I missed your interview by 15 minutes. That stinks! I should have been keeping up with the blog.
Peter Schmuck's brother actually changed his name, but Peter stuck with it, and said he knew, his now wife, was a keeper, when she agreed to marry him and take his name. What a schmuck! I am really bummed I missed it. it donna. you know the vanilla coke in amsterdam has real weed in it.

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