Andrew and Donna's Road to the World Cup

Monday, June 19, 2006


This is my first try at video editing so forgive the amateur editing and focus on the content, please

Here is a link to the video:

US Fan Support at US / Italy
Andrew 8:10 AM


I am proud to be an American. The Star Spangled Banner brings me to my feet, in a stadium, auditorium, classroom, or my living room. I am proud of USMNT and what they have sacrificed in preparation to represent the red, white, and blue. The confidence we gained by taking the Azzuri to a draw will help us take on Ghana Thursday.
Only concern is that there are two participants in Atlanta that helped us overcome adversity in Kaiserslautern. That said, I am confident that two more will rise and lift their voices for the red, white and blue. McBride scores in this one... US 2 Ghana 0.
Incredible. Great video. I loved your post-game posts. It's time for US soccer to shine.

Donna's piece was especially striking. Except I don't know what "woop woop" means.

I hope you recover from jetlag quickly. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.
Ah, woop woop. Woop woop is an Australian shiraz that Donna discovered on a girls' weekend in Savannah. It is made in the middle of nowhere, aka the woop woop, in Australia. We confirmed the meaning with our Contiki Australian friends.

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